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Herod n : king of Judea who (according to the New Testament) tried to kill Jesus by ordering the death of all children under age two in Bethlehem (73-4 BC) [syn: Herod the Great]

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Herod was the name used by several kings belonging to the Herodian Dynasty of Roman Iudaea Province:
  • Herod the Great (c. 74-4 BC), king of Judea who reconstructed the Second Temple in Jerusalem and was described in the Gospel of Matthew as ordering the "Massacre of the Innocents"
  • Herod Archelaus (23 BC-c. AD 18), ethnarch of Samaria, Judea, and Idumea
  • Herod Antipas (20 BC-c. AD 40), tetrarch of Galilee and Peraea, who was described in the New Testament as ordering John the Baptist's death and as mocking Jesus
  • Herod Agrippa I (c. 10 BC-AD 44), king of Judea, called "Herod" in the Acts of the Apostles
  • Herod Philip I, father of Salome
  • Herod Philip II (4 BC-AD 34), tetrarch of Ituraea and Trachonitis
  • Herod of Chalcis, also known as Herod III, king of Chalcis (AD 41-48)
  • Herod Agrippa II (AD 27-100), tetrarch of Chalcis who was described in Acts of the Apostles as "King Agrippa" before whom Paul of Tarsus defended himself


  • Herod (band), the name of a heavy metal band from the United States
  • Herod, a thoroughbred racehorse
  • A herred is an administrative area in Denmark and Norway
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